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Drip420 Solution

Drip420 Lifestyle

We strive to give you products that will benefit your lifestyle in a positive way.

          • Keep it clean
          • Health & Hygiene
          • Drip Merchandise
          • Positive Mindset

How to use Drip420 Solution

Rinse your smoking piece with warm water, apply Drip420 Solution. Shake the piece well and leave for 45min. Extremely dirty pieces should be left to soak overnight.

Drip420 Cleaner

Our premium biodegradable cleaner will help you with:

            • No more unhealthy resin
            • It’s biodegradable , so say bye to toxic chemicals
            • Clean smoke , taste all the amazing Terpenes
            • You can clean Bongs , Pipes , Dabrigs and all your other sticky equipment

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