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Drip420 Solution is a premium cleaning solution. No ammonia, bleach or acids!

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Drip420 Solution. The biodegradable cleaner, clean your smoking pieces effectively and easily. No ammonia, bleach or acids!

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8 reviews for Drip420 Solution

  1. Jean-Paul

    Amazing stuff, it does EXACTLY what it says it does.

  2. raymond

    best product on the market i have personally used a lot of rubbish products to clean my bong which actually made it worse this is the best product for cleaning your bong.

  3. Carmen Brophy (verified owner)

    Amazing product!!! My perculator bong was easily cleaned with zero effort! Easily removes the stubborn bowl and downpipe build up 🙂 my glass is a fresh as the day I bought it

  4. James

    The best product availible. Its quick and easy too use. Number 1

  5. Charmaine

    Finally a good product to keep my rig maintained! Thank you

  6. Ben

    After using The drip420 solution to clean my bong,it looked brand new and didnt have any funny smells.After trying alot of other methods including alcohol and salt I can without a dought say that drip is the easiest and best way to go when cleaning a bong .

  7. Vishen

    BEST bong cleaner I’ve ever used. Super easy to use and Eco-friendly, HIGHLY recommended!

  8. Nicotien (verified owner)

    This product is really underrated best cleaner ever!!

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